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  • Painting & Caulking
  • Marble & Tile Installation
  • Plumbing & Electric
  • Framing,Drywall & Acoustical Ceilings
  • Windows & Door Replacement
  • Plaster & Rendering
  • Exterior Wall Insulation
  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Property Maintenance

House Refurbishment in London

Your home is your castle! And what is more, it is an indication of your taste, a reflection of your lifestyle and an embodiment of your individuality.That is why a comprehensive refurbishment of cottages in London can be compared to the form of art. It reveals the character of the owner,especially emphasizes his family life, creating new traditions. Is it necessary to explain that only highly qualified professionals can be responsible fordoing this?

SEB BUILDING Company performs all types of refurbishment andfinishing works by stages, including:

Dismantling of the old finishing;
Installation of plumbing and electric installation works;
Creation of a new space thanks to the full range of work
with plasterboard;
Plastering and painting of any complexity;
Pasting of the walls of any kind of wallpaper;
Laying tiles, parquet, laminate, carpeting, etc .;
Thermal insulation and sound insulation of walls;
Any other refurbishment works on your request.

Decorating houses often go together with all therefurbishment. Since many customers choose monocyclerefurbishment project. However, there is a demand and apartial furnish private homes, the cost of which is alsocalculated individually, as in the case with a number of workson repair of the house. For preliminary examination, ourcompany can make an individual price on request. And best ofall, that through partnership programs with suppliers, we canoffer you cheaper but not least, high-quality repair incomparison with independent renovations events.

SEB Building will embody all the innovations in therefurbishment of the cottage, including

• A competent design project;
• Preparation of the proper budget;
• The exact calculation of the necessary materials;
• High-quality capital, elite repair or repair of turnkey

Cooperating with us, you get the following benefits:

  •  We value every customer, which means that you will be
    provided with personalized service.
  • Our affordable prices will delight you.
  • High quality, reliability and durability of all the works.
  • A clear implementation of all your wishes.
  • Deadlines.
  • Ability to perform emergency refurbishment.
  • Official registration of all aspects of our cooperation.

About Us

Where we operate?

We operate across the whole of London and are happy to answer your questions about any type of building work, extension, loft conversion or renovations that you are looking to achieve at your home.


We are committed to our customers and want to ensure their happiness, security and success through the quality of the services we provide – the planning, design, building and selling of homes.


We are aware of the impact our activities have on the environment, local communities and on people, and we are committed to sustainable development – this informs every aspect of our business and activities.